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Welcome to SGC

Our Business Philosphy

SGC owes its reputation to essential values that make up what we really are. They strengthen our business philosophy and enhance the quality of service we provide in our Industry. Within our ethos of growing responsibility. We aim to achieve 3 main principles.

    • 1. Capability: We pride ourselves on strict quality control and the highest food safety standards in the industry with trackable products from farm to client. Samples are taken and analyzed at every stage of the operation to ensure that the product continues to comply with agreed specification.

    • 2. Capacity: Our global supply chain features a foundation of strategic partnerships and alliances with low cost country farmers and quality driven cashew nut producers, featuring the flexibility to deliver any quantity of cashews when you need it.

    • 3. Competency: Honesty and transparency are the corner stones of these relationships and the hallmarks of SGC’s approach to business. Our over 20-years of industry experience, expert industry knowledge, and investment in research and development offers our clients service they can trust.

Our Value Chain:
To Integrate sustainability more deeply into our business to create greater impact across our value chain.

Our Vision:
To provide the best possible support to low cost country farmers. While delivering the best quality product to our customers.

Our Purpose:
To review global sourcing of agricultural products

About Us

Sustainable Global Commodities (also known as SGC Ltd), is a UK based company that specializes in worldwide sourcing and distribution of high-quality varieties of natural cashew nuts at competitive global market rates. Our expertise and 20+ years of experience within the cashew industry is our foundation to delivering premium products to our clients.

We’re dedicated to strategic partnerships with farmers and processors from low cost countries around the world, ensuring reliability and flexibility with our suppliers with capabilities of delivering bulk quantities with speed and efficiency. Our unique relationships and persistent supplier audits ensure an ethical supply process and products that exceed our strict specifications. These alliances allow us to offer the best possible prices, regular punctual shipments, and always new crop cashews.

We pride ourselves on rigid quality control and food safety measures, with full compliance with all relevant international standards and certifications. Visit our quality and safety page for additional information.

Our policies and client service focused approach is fundamental to our long term client partnerships within the wholesale, retail, and manufacturing sectors including major corporations, suppliers, and commodity traders. Markets we service include the U.S., Canada, Europe, Thailand, Japan, and the Middle East.

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